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What is EMC-wise?

Acradac EMC Elektromagnetische Compatibiliteit

During my career as an electronic designer I have learned a lot about Electromagnetic Compatibility (often the hard way). I would like to share the EMC-knowledge I have accumulated during the years with other electronic engineers to help them to make good EMC-designs. For this reason I have created EMC-wise.

EMC-wise is a bulletin in which every time a small EMC-subject is explained. Below you will find all EMC-wises published so far. The content is completely dedicated to the design of low EMI electronic circuit boards and systems. What to do to make a low EMI design and, also very importantly, why?
What you will not find in EMC-wise is information about regulations, standards, limits, official EMC-measurements, etc. There are many other sources, on- and off-line where you can find information about that. EMC-wise focusses completely on EMC-design aspects.

You may use the information freely, as long as you mention the source. Have fun and make good EMC-designs.

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